Leggings: Comfort or Cultural Crime?

I am not a staunch modern feminist, but hey, you touch my sisters’ right to wear, act, learn and live their lives they see fit, and I will be screaming from the top of my voice!

There was a bit of noise about leggings last week on the campuses of both the
University of Notre Dame and the nearby women’s college St. Mary’s. One mother
Maryann White, asked the women to stop wearing leggings because they hinder Catholic mums “to teach their sons that women ( who wear leggings) are someone’s daughters and sisters” and all Catholic mothers would ”  want to find a blanket to lovingly cover your nakedness and protect you “.

Enough said, please read her letter here:


Wear your culturally- and politically incorrect leggings, girls and boys, be in your face with it and enjoy them!!!!!


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